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    Jerry is one of our long time customers, he bought this as a drag race car with a nitrous powered 572 big block Chevy. This car has gone through many changes over the years. Engines have ranged from the original 572 with a single carburetor, to a dual carb blown 522ci, to a blown & alcohol injected 522ci engine, to it's final incarnation of a single carb naturally aspirated 522ci engine. This car has been drag raced at Fontana, and Barona drag strips. Jerry actually drove the car into the safety net at the Barona drag strip going over 160MPH and basically ripped the whole front end off the car. He couldn't let the old StupidBaker go out like that so he brought it back to us, for another reincarnation. Today it is a tribute to The Red Tail P-51 Mustang Fighter Group. Over the years we have installed a Chassis Works Pro-link rear suspension. After the crash we re-did the whole front half of the car, including all new sheet metal and suspension. We also re-did all body work, and Jerk Designs did all all the air brush work on it to resemble the P-51. Ghost Shield clear bra'd the whole car to protect the finish. The car is now set up for ultimate high speed racing, trying to hit over 200MPH in the MOJAVE MILE. Many custom features on the car include: the flip front hood, 50 cal machine gun replicas, custom aluminum front spoiler, custom carbon fiber air intakes, and roof rails.